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Beth Myrick

As a North Carolina kid, Beth started spray painting t-shirts for friends at school and shortly after discovered wood cutouts & spray paint when working on a project for her folks. Since then her work has taken shape and developed into a multi layered succession of outstanding work. Imagine if Lisa Frank had decided to illustrate train cars instead of your binder from 6th grade. One thing that makes the work of Beth Myrick stand out is the playfulness of it. Whether it's a pink shark or a green raccoon, the seriousness and pretense familiar in many collections will not be found here. This is much like her process, sawing and spraying into the night, fueled by cheap beer and good whiskey. It's all in fun. Much like her mantra--which can be found on surfaces across this country--EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. Her art says this in every whimsical turn.

Brin Levinson

Post-apocalyptic cityscapes where nature has begun to reclaim dominance is a recurring theme in Brin Levinson‘s collection of haunting paintings. Influenced by the streets of his home town in Portland, Oregon, the artist paints familiar landmarks into his work as the old buildings and water towers are manifested into a source of nostalgic inspiration. Moody atmospheric lighting completes his surreal portraits, forcing one to face a crumbling societal infrastructure in a speculative future.



Anna Duvall

“My name is Anna Duvall and when I’m not busy cocktail waitressing or causing tequila fueled trouble I draw and paint the beautiful women of Portland.” See my art on permanent display at Momo’s Bar in downtown PDX.


Austin Eddy
After art school Austin had the opportunity to work as an animator on some of the most successful films in the last decade. Although you may not have heard of Austin Eddy you most likely have seen his work in Avatar, The Hobbit, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and other films. After 10 years working in the film and animation world and living abroad in Wellington New Zealand for four years, Austin returned to the United States and decided to focus on his original passion of painting and fine art. Austin currently works and resides in Portland Oregon.
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From tattoos to murals to paintings and multi-media awesomeness, Eric “Plaid” Blackburn has been pouring color and his unique vision over Portland, OR for years now.

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Sam Klein
I was born in Melbourne, Australia then moved to the Portland area a when I was two. I have, in my artistic pursuits, worked as a sign and mural painter, graphic designer and illustrator. Among other things, I have painted guitars, buildings, vehicles, roller coaster cars and a forklift or two. There was a dalliance with comic books in the 1990’s that threatened to almost go somewhere at times. Graffiti was perhaps one of my favorite artistic tangents and I am fascinated with patterns and the translation of information into a visually interesting format. The veins on a leaf or a page from the phone book can be an inspiration. I also really enjoy working with non-traditional materials. You get to make up the rules as you go, because there aren’t any.