Delicious whiskey, gin, tequila and mezcal cocktails at The Cavern!


—  Cocktails  —


Stagger Lee $10
Buffalo Trace, Campari, Cynar, orange peel

Improved Whiskey Cocktail $12
Maker's, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur,
aromatic bitters, Bordeaux cherry

Cavern Manhattan $12
Four Roses Yellow Label, Averna Amaro,
aromatic bitters, Bordeaux cherry

The Sandstorm $11
White Label, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Antica Carpano and OJ,
shaken all to Hell and gone

Smokey and the Bandit $11
Altos Plata, house made orange liqueur, lemon-lime simple syrup in a
Basil Hayden rinsed glass, rimmed with smoked salt

Oaxaca Old Fashioned $13
Cazadores Reposado, Union Uno Mezcal, agave syrup and
black walnut bitters with an orange twist

Blood on the Rocks $12
El Jimador Plata and a squeeze of fresh lime juice on the rocks with
Abliss cranberry-blood orange CBD soda and a smoked salt rim (yum!)

Chupacabra Naranja $12
Union Uno Mezcal, Campari and Averna with an orange twist garnish.
A Negroni for the south of the border set!

The Red Cricket $13
Freeland Spirits Gin with a splash of Hibiscus-Cardamom syrup from
Portland Syrups and squeeze of fresh lime juice, topped off with soda

Corpse King Reviver $12
Aviation and a touch of St Germaine in an absinthe rinsed coupe glass

Unmarked Bills $11
Ransom's Old Tom Gin, Cynar, grapefruit bitters and a lemon twist


Cavern Toddy 9
Laird’s Applejack, clover honey, cinnamon, lemon,cloves
and piping hot h20

Irish Coffee 10
Kilbeggan Irish whiskey, brown sugar, coffee and house made whip,
with or w/o Bailey’s

Winter Formal Old Fashioned 10
Buffalo Trace, winter spiced simple syrup, orange & aromatic bitters
over a big rock w/ cinnamon stick & orange peel garnish

Sazerjack 9
Laird’s Applejack, a few drops of pure maple syrup and Peychaud’s bitters, up
with an apple peel garnish

Penicillin 12
White Label shaken with lemon juice, ginger and honey syrups
over a big rock with a float of Laphroaig.
Good damn medicine.

Martinez 13
Ransom’s Old Tom gin, Carpano Antica, Luxardo and orange bitters
for the martini(ish) win!

Fine Caylor, Fine 12
Krogstad Aquavit, Carpano Antica, a smidge of Luxardo,
aromatic bitters and a Bordeaux cherry.
Two, if you ask nicely.

Campfire Sling 12
Templeton Rye, pure maple syrup & chocolate bitters
over a big rock with orange zest oils flamed over the top


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