—  Munch  —

new fall menu!



-Bourbon, worcestershire marinated pork belly - $8  
-Spicy teriyaki chicken
-Panko breaded cheese  - $7
-Deep fried Brussels
sprouts - $7
-Yummy fried root
veggies - $6
Crostini   - $8

with choice of topping
-Herbed cheese, radish & honey- /or/
- Diced albacore tuna steak with avocado, capers & lemon- /or/
-Brûlée brie, cranberry relish
and fried herbs-
Crostini Flight   - $20
A full order of each crostini to share! (or not..)
Root veg Chips   - $5
Beets, turnips and rutabaga fried to a crisp and tossed in honey, salt & thyme
Crispy Garbanzo Beans   - $2
Baked then fried and tossed with kosher salt & Cayenne
Balsamic Pickled egg - $3
with pickled seasonal veggies
Scallops - $7
Pan seared, in yuzu butter
w/ fried rice noodles


Veggie Rice Bowls    - $10
Add Protein?
Marinated tofu  +$1
Pork belly   +$4
Spicy teriyaki Chicken  +$3
Artichoke Dip   - $10
W/ crostini, served in a broiled arti! 
Cavern Charcuterie Board   - $15
A tasty, rotating selection of meats and pickles served with crostini
Cavern Cheese Board - $12
Nice, revolving array of cheeses, fruits and nuts with crostini
Yaki Onigiri - $5
Grilled rice pocket, stuffed with a changing cast of yummy goodness!
Whole Chicken Wings   - $7
made with delicious, local HAB® brand sauce! 
Thai Peach, Roasted Habanero or Lucha Libra (smoky/ mild-ish)


Miso, Lyonnaise Salad - $10
Arugula, lardons and egg furikake with a miso dressing



Savory Steak Bites   - $13
w/  red wine buttered beans, radish, sautéed spinach and
Gimmee Sausage!!! - $13
House made, spicy sausage, marinated bell peppers, fried polenta and kale
Fresh Market Fish - (mp)
Fresh, seasonal fish and veggies
Good Freakin’ Soup - 7/9
A seasonal taste from The Cavern’s illustrious soup kitchen!!


Whiskey Chocolate Dipped Macaroons - $6

The Cavern’s Crostini flight…

The Cavern’s Crostini flight…